Cyber Security

Securing your device, network, data, reputation and privacy.

24/7 Cyber Security Services
For High-Net-Worth Personnel,
And Local Establishments
Across Dallas, Texas

Protect yourself from breaches that make headlines. Aristo Cyber Defense’s cyber security services are guaranteed to deliver the defenses that high-net-individuals and local businesses across Dallas need to prevent, detect, and undo both known and unknown-threats.

Aristo Cyber Defense delivers a personalized digital protection platform and offers cyber security services incomparable to consumer-based security products. The Aristo Device Protection Platform (DPP) offers high-net-worth individuals and local establishments with real-time prevention, detection, and response solutions in one platform, managed by a professional security operations center. Aristo DPP leverages advanced machine learning and intelligent automation to protect your devices. Once a malicious pattern is identified and scored, it notifies the security operation centers and triggers an immediate set of responses ending the attack before it begins. DPP combines real-time continuous cyber security monitoring and collection of device data with rules-based automated response, analysis, and triage from an on-guard analyst.

While our DPP guarantees that your digital assets are safely encrypted, organized, and protected, we go a step further by having our team of Dallas-based highly skilled professionals ready and on standby to provide 24/7 monitoring and unrivalled customer support. With years of experience in data protection and digital security optimization, you can be confident in the caliber of service that is expected from a cyber security company such as us.

Going Beyond Digital Protection
Dallas-Based Cyber Security Services

Aristo Cyber Defense implements various steps apart from employing impenetrable cybersecurity services and digital protection solutions to secure their personal and family ecosystems against cyber threats. As a specialist cyber security provider, we stand ready with comprehensive cybersecurity risk assessment, management, and advisory services. We offer robust, enterprise-level security technology, in-depth analysis, and real-time incident response. We go above and beyond to detect and preemptively stop attacks before they can inflict damage.

Here are some of the procedures that we provide for our clients and their business and associates.

Preparation and Assessment
  • Catalog and manage digital assets: We keep accurate and updated records of critical assets used by our associates’ home or organizational ecosystem. We prioritize appropriate cyber security protection, upgrading, and monitoring of the various digital systems they currently use.
  • We conduct an initial audit of existing online resources and provide constant preemptive warnings of potential threats, and indicators of successful breach.
  • Our cyber security specialists ensure the integrity of your proprietary information by backing up and storing all critical data in a secure location.
  • Educating personnel and concerned individuals regarding the various cyber security threats that can eventually manifest and compromise their digital assets and personal information. We employ a cyber threat-training service that is designed to increase the awareness and understanding of the latest scams and frauds and the initial steps that can be taken to prevent the situation from getting worse.
System and Network Protection
  • We apply endpoint security processes and take advantage of resources such as anti-virus and anti-phishing software, as well as implementing our own systems to proactively block malicious activity across your IT infrastructure.
  • Implement multi-factor authentication for our client’s accounts to decrease vulnerability against breach.
  • Harden security with vulnerability oversight and professional network surveillance to ensure network segmentation, vulnerability management, and automated patching.
  • Employ military-grade firewalls and web proxy technologies to protect our clients’ digital systems and preempt malicious network traffic trying to compromise their data online.
Manage threat detection and response
  • Conduct vulnerability assessment and penetration testing to identify weak points that threat actors could exploit. Our cyber security monitoring technology can detect, analyze and report functional anomalies to identify attacks launched and take measures to minimize intrusion, and mitigate impacts of our client’s assets.
  • Employ constant cybersecurity consulting and develop comprehensive data reports so as to better understand their current situation and potential vulnerabilities, as well as executable solutions to address such concerns.

Partner With Aristo Cyber Defense
Exceptional Dallas-Based Cyber Security Services

We are redefining cyber security and digital protection with our personal take on data security. Aristo Cyber Defense provides unrivalled data solutions and online security for our clients’ assets. We tailor our offers to best fit that of our client’s needs, whether it’s for personal protection or for their respective business environment. Each avenue is carefully assessed, analyzed, organized, tested, and monitored in order to ensure maximum security for their data and their respective digital assets.

Acquire Aristo’s world-class cyber security services, resources, technologies and best practices and ensure personal and or commercial digital protection for optimal resilience in detecting, avoiding, and reporting potential cyber security risks. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our offers. We’d love to talk about your needs, schedule an appointment with us so we can further discuss your cyber security needs. We cater to both high-net-worth clients and local businesses across Dallas, Texas, including CPAs, law firms, and real estate agencies.