How Prepared is Your Business for Disaster or Downtime?

Having a resiliency plan for your business is important. Viruses like COVID can overwhelm a business, yet we have worked to adapt to the challenges it brought. Unseen viruses that hijack computer systems and data that we depend upon daily can also cripple a business. Preparation and prevention measures are key to protecting business ecosystems from cyber threats and hijacking.

Like physical alarms and cameras, firewalls, backup systems, and strict employee procedures for computer work are another necessary layer of protection to ensure your business is prepared to meet cyber threats and potential disaster.

Calculate downtime costs for your business. Datto has a useful tool here to help you. Datto Recovery Time & Downtime Cost Calculator

Aristo Cyber Defense conducts risk assessments to show vulnerabilities, as well as make recommendations for solutions to ensure your business has the best protection possible given the environment.


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