Cybersecurity FAQs

Cyber security is an immensely essential countermeasure to secure one's life and assets against a new and growing form of threat. With the shift to digital platforms of data storage and inventory, so too are frauds and extortion attempts. It is therefore crucial that one should opt for digital protection and cyber security services to achieve that level of security. But while this may sound as straightforward as it can be, most people tend to face difficulties in making sense of the concepts behind it.

Aristo Cyber Defense is a Dallas-based cyber security firm that provides digital executive digital protection solutions for high net worth individuals, as well as mid-tier CPAs, law firms, and real estate agencies across Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. We aim to provide as much information about the systems that we use in order for you to better understand the very tools and processes that secure your assets and livelihood.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about cyber security:

A cyber-attack is a strike done by criminals or other individuals harboring ill intent against one or more computers or networks to commit malicious and harmful acts such as disabling devices, stealing data, and stalking, among many others.

Cybersecurity pertains to everything that has to do with protecting sensitive data, personal information, intellectual property, assets, and other sensitive information that can be breached, damaged, or stolen by criminals through the use of the internet.

With the advancement of technology and global connectivity, it is becoming easier and easier for these criminals to commit such acts. And so, equipping yourself with cybersecurity systems is a necessary move if you want to truly fortify your defenses.

Cyber extortion is a kind of attack online in which hackers hold your data, digital documents/properties, computer systems, and other sensitive information hostage until you pay them the amount they demand.

Cyber fraud is committed when a hacker gets into another person’s devices, networks, and online accounts in order to steal personal and highly sensitive information and later on use those gathered data to pretend to be their victim. There are many possible motives behind these acts, but the most common ones revolve around causing harm to the victim or stealing money from the victim’s family, associates, or colleagues.

Cyberspace refers to the hub formed through the interconnection of and communication among computer networks. The term is also conventionally used to refer to anything related to the internet.

Generally, cyber-attacks can cost businesses and high-net-worth individuals their privacy, safety, and assets. They may even lose important files that are essential to their businesses operations. And so, losses from big corporations and industries due to various sorts of cyber-attacks amount to trillions of dollars yearly.

Malware is a type of software or digital application that is designed to perform malicious commands on a device. This is in order to damage the device, disrupt its operation, or gain unauthorized access to its system and accounts.

Ransomware is a specific type of malware that hackers use to lock a device or its files and data so its owner couldn't open them. Ransomware holds them hostage until the owner pays the hacker a certain amount being demanded.

A solid cybersecurity focuses on protecting its client's identity, data, and devices. It should also be properly equipped to preempt possible incoming breaches. For the best performance, a cybersecurity system should be paired with proper training and awareness for the people it aims to protect.

Administrators of a cybersecurity system have to be aware that they hold the access into their networks and devices. And that is why they must refuse all sorts of logins to the network without a second-factor authentication. There should be great emphasis on consistent "practice," that they have to observe every day, at all times.

Cyber hygiene refers to the practices that individuals observe with regards to their computers, networks, and other devices in order to maintain a healthy online security. Similar to the common concept of physical hygiene, cyber hygiene is a set of habits that are meant to prevent a system or network's deterioration and the threats against it.

We provide world-class cyber security services that ensure your data’s integrity in an ever evolving digital world. Our digital protection solutions are specifically designed to be flexible and be applicable not only to high profile individuals and personnel, but also to mid-tier establishments that hold sensitive or confidential information such as CPAs, real estate agencies across Dallas at highly competitive rates.

The effectiveness of cyber security is highly dependent on the type of software and system that was designed for a particular market. While this is in fact true, it’s only part of it. The team responsible for implementing the proper remediation solutions of what a particular cyber security system is able to identify is what defines the efficacy of digital protection and cyber security options for particular organizations and individuals. Our team of professionals are specifically chosen in terms of comprehension, dedication, and skill. We cater to high end individuals but also provide personalized cyber security services to CPAs, law firms, real estate agencies, and even sports and entertainment companies. Our size is our advantage over the bigger companies in the sense that we are able to create a working relationship with our clients and commit to their requirements, therefore being able to provide unhindered digital protection.

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