24x7 Executive Digital Protection

Executive digital protection is both an ongoing consulting service and 24x7 managed concierge protection plan. The role of digital protection is to provide the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data, devices and networks. This type of cyber security service comprises of various methods and perimeter setups, backed by highly experienced individuals monitoring platforms to guard against potential breaches that could otherwise be used by attackers to harass and extort from such individuals and or your ecosystem.

Our technology enables us to find and stop hidden threats that sneak past preventive security tools. By focusing on a specific set of attack surfaces, vulnerabilities and exploits, our platform helps us to protect our clients from persistent footholds, ransomware and other attacks. We combine automated detection with real human threat hunters so even the most advanced threat actors won’t stand a chance against your defenses. High net worth families and children confront a frightening field of online predators. The potential for attack is exacerbated by prominence and large financial resources; Aristo is redefining what cybersecurity is for executives and their families.

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Aristo 24/7 Managed Cybersecurity Services

Aristo managed cybersecurity services are built upon our next‐gen cyber defense centers coupled with Aristo’s global Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service.

Threat Management

Detecting, hunting for, and responding to threats with 24x7 data monitoring and threat analysis conducted by a team of security experts.

Firewall, IoT & Device Management

A managed firewall is the first line of defense in protecting your home or business from Internet-based threats.

Web Security

Helps to protect your company against threats that can enter your network through the Internet.

Email Security

Designed to screen email for malicious attacks and breaches while providing encryption and archiving.

Cloud Security

Microsoft, Google, numerous other cloud-based services are protected, monitored and have security visibility into the Aristo Threat Platform.

Mobile Device Management

Designed to integrate device-level protection for a comprehensive approach to mobile security.

I’ve used Aristo for my business and family for years. They have stopped numerous attacks and reported to my family exactly what happened and how they stopped it. I’m relieved to know their security opreations center is protecting us 24x7

Dr. Mary C., MD