Cyber Threats


The digital revolution that enabled the IoT — the connectedness of digital devices through the internet — has made nearly all items in our lives potential sources of information. So while the interoperability of your items delivers countless benefits, it also represents a deep source of risk. Your responsibility to protect your family’s ecosystem from a growing and dynamic attack surface demands vigilant awareness and seamless management. Aristo Cyber Defense provides that comprehensive protection extending across your entire IoT ecosystem against these cyber-attacks.

Confidential Data Acquisition

When an individual lacks enough cybersecurity, threat actors can gain possession of personal data and details, including home addresses and phone numbers; they can use confidential data to harass, manipulate and deceive targets and even threaten the safety and privacy of friends, family, and business contacts. Shopping habits and travel plans can become vectors for intrusion and theft.

Transportation Breach: Watercraft, Aircraft, and Autos

In today’s cars, yachts, and private aircrafts, IoT-enabled technologies span power, navigation and infotainment systems, remote locking and unlocking, remote engine start and much more. Data flows freely among diverse vendors and contractors. Personal information such as travel plans, driving habits, current location, entertainment choices, and schedules are available to skilled criminals, which they can in turn use when committing a full-blown physical or cyber-attack.

Smart Homes and Estate Systems Intrusion

The homes of many high-net-worth families are equipped with smart devices that are constantly linked together and connected to the internet. Unfortunately, this gives more opportunity for intrusion from cyber criminals, posing risks to individuals as well as to the integrity of their home and business ecosystems. Threats include not only the potential for embarrassing leaks of private information and images, but for physical intrusion and attack.

Case Studies

Forbes: A CEO’s home office security investment becomes a breach nightmare

Misplaced trust and failed password protection turned a high-net-worth CEO’s efforts to protect his home office with the latest security technology during the pandemic into a cyberhacker free-for-all. His $50,000 system included cameras and sensors, all internet-linked. But the combination of inadequate password protection, poor management, and failure to patch a vulnerability created an access freeway for cyber thieves to his home and family devices — and even to his company’s proprietary data. For thousands of high-net-worth individuals, sophisticated technology doesn’t mean invulnerability — and can even give away the keys to the castle.

“High-Net-Worth Individuals Are Cyber Targets – Even More So During The Coronavirus Pandemic”