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Aristo is the Executive Digital Protection and Consulting firm that High Profile/High Net Worth individuals turn to when they want sophisticated bespoke managed cybersecurity and consulting. High profile, High asset worth not only raises a family’s value as potential prey, it offers a relatively low risk of apprehension. Many crimes never reach the public eye because individuals wish to protect their families’ privacy from the harsh glare of public exposure. This reticence further emboldens threat actors to launch an endless storm of attacks.

Why Aristo?

Built By Security Experts, For Executives And Their Families And Businesses.

Founded by security experts who spent decades protecting the world’s largest companies. As they explored options for managing and securing their own families’ security, they were struck by the limitations of existing consumer based products. There is a reason companies don’t use consumer based cybersecurity products; they simply can’t protect you from today’s most sophisticated attacks.
As security innovators, Aristo built a client centric model aimed at delivering 24x7 Global Cybersecurity Protection for our client’s data, devices, networks, and identity.

Our Mission

To be the most customer-centric cyber security company so that our clients can maintain the safety, and reliability of their data, devices, and networks.

Technology And Operations, Backed By the Latest Cyber Threat Intelligence.

Executive Risk & Advisory Consulting

Influential people and businesses rely on Aristo to properly assess, test, and identify possible threats and vulnerabilities within their digital ecosystem.

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24x7 Executive Digital Protection

Membership to Aristo Private Client enables unparalleled access to cybersecurity expertise. Our clients are prepared to defend themselves from even the most sophisticated cyber-attacks. We focus on around the clock security operations that free you to focus on what matters to you most.

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