Aristo Elite Digital Protection

We take your cybersecurity personally.

Visibility, influence, and prominence place individuals and families in the bullseye for a frightening field of online predators. To confront this threat, Aristo is redefining cybersecurity with concierge cybersecurity solutions.

Cyber threats to high net worth individuals and their families are growing in impact and intensity. The home ecosystems of prominent individuals face attacks comparable to those of large enterprises, but conventional consumer security products can’t defend against sophisticated cybercriminals. That’s why Aristo's dedicated cybersecurity services are the best way to prevent online threat campaigns before they breach your security and privacy to inflict costly, lasting damage.

24x7 Extended Detection and Response Service

Aristo XDR (extended detection and response) solutions go beyond consumer grade antivirus tools to correlate security telemetry from multiple layers, which allows us to see more attacks and stop them faster. Aristo XDR, provides protection for cloud data, endpoint, email and IoT devices (Internet of things) together with 24/7 detection and response services.

Threat Management

Aristo leverages a powerful extended detection and response platform that enable us to detect and respond to threats with proven digital forensic and incident response methods and capabilities.

Firewall, IoT & Device Management

Implement a managed firewall for your home or business as the first line of defense against internet-based threats.

Web Security

Protect your company against threats that can enter your network through the internet.

Email Security

Encrypt, archive and screen email for malicious attacks and breaches.

Cloud Security

(AWS, Azure, Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace,,
Aristo has a clearer contextual view of threats by inspecting more relative alerts across your cloud environment, the endpoint and email. Events that seem benign on their own suddenly become meaningful indicators of compromise. This allows our security analysts to connect more dots into a single view, enable more insightful investigations, and gives us the ability to detect threats earlier.

Mobile Device Management

Integrate device-level protection for a comprehensive approach to mobile security.

Executive Digital Protection

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