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With the advent of digital devices and the ability to work remotely, your client communications and their data is more conveniently accessible than ever before. Cyber security services have become a crucial part of today’s society. Indeed, having a more convenient way of accessing logs, data, and even finances does not come without its own risks. In fact, the number of data breaches has increased over the past decade; networks, devices, and accounts stolen and used for others’ personal gain. This alarming rate of cyber-attacks has prompted US lawmakers to sign a number of data protection and privacy laws that require businesses to secure their client’s data, and impose strict penalties to firms and agencies who fail to do so. This is particularly severe for CPAs and Law firms. It is therefore crucial that businesses who use digital platforms opt for trusted and effective cybersecurity services. But it’s not that easy to find a cyber security firm that can provide secure platforms and measures, especially since most in the industry aren't really that budget-friendly to begin with.

As most small firms and individuals lack a dedicated security team and skillset, they remain extremely vulnerable to malicious threat actors, and this is definitely becoming a growing concern for businesses and individuals across Dallas. Since large corporations and firms impose immensely hardened security to all kinds of threats, criminals are turning to softer targets in the form of small to medium scale businesses including CPA practices, law firms, and high-profile individuals’ ecosystems where cybersecurity is not always as solid. This cybersecurity crisis underscores the urgent need for small professional services organizations and prominent individuals to protect their data and reputation as aggressively and scrupulously from cybercrime as they do from crime in the physical world.

Personalized Cyber Security Management Solutions

Aristo Cyber Defense is a cyber security service provider based in Dallas focused on protecting high-profile individuals, their families, and their business ecosystems. We guarantee safe data access and storage solutions for a multitude of needs. It’s in our best interest to keep the integrity and security of our clients across Dallas in a rapidly evolving world where finances, records, and transactions are already transitioning to digital form. Our team of experts evaluate your specific security needs and determine which cyber security service best fits the nature of your business or lifestyle. After implementing the ideal type of cyber security measure, we then proceed with a strategic implementation of monitoring and securing your data automatically to help keep you secure. Our experts work 24/7 so you compute with confidence.

High-net individuals, political figures, the entertainment industry, family offices, professional athletes, corporate executives, and even local establishments looking to protect their digital footprint and reputation can benefit from the cyber security solutions that we guarantee. With our personalized service delivery model, we align our team of cyber security professionals directly with you and your security requirements.

Our goal is to help lessen your workload by providing in-depth security and control across your entire firm. Your business and clients’ prominence not only raises the value as potential prey but also offers criminals a relatively low risk of apprehension. That’s why it is key to partner with a cyber security provider that can guarantee top-level digital security so as to eliminate the ever so constant threats of data breaches, hacking, and other fraudulent acts that may otherwise compromise your security and privacy.

Partner with Aristo Cyber Defense and secure your family, associates, and business security. We uphold the highest level of cyber security protocols and systems, and personalize our solutions to give our clients exactly what they need in an ever-evolving digital world.

What You Get with Aristo Cyber Defense
Dallas-based Cyber Security Service Providers

Aristo Cyber Defense provides comprehensive cyber security services for clients across Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, enhancing security measures to inhibit and eliminate potential data breaches and security threats with regards to our clients’ assets and data. We are revolutionizing data security and privacy through a systematic and meticulous approach to cyber security that’s as effective as that of those more prominent yet ridiculously expensive cyber security providers in Dallas.

Our systematic process begins with a thorough risk assessment of your firm in relation to its data storage and retention. We then proceed with the setup of various software and hardware depending on what was identified and assessed, providing managed threat detection and responses across your computers, mobile devices, and email and guaranteeing safe and secured platforms.

We also provide additional custom cybe rsecurity services for clients that have a more particular security need in mind. We personalize our services to match that of what you or your businesses requires, most especially if say you’re a Dallas-based CPA or Law firm handling high-end client data. We are committed to providing 100% client satisfaction regardless of the type of cyber security needed.

Device Threat Protection & Response

We establish protective systems to guard your home and personal devices against breach and hacking.

A Customized Security Solution

We’ll configure a cybersecurity solution customized for your devices and emails.

Incident Response, Help When You Need It

We are always on hand to give you any support you may need.

Ongoing Security Assessment, Vulnerability Scans and Penetration Testing

Determine your systems’ most vulnerable points in order to identify flaws and preempt possible threats.

Quarterly Executive Briefing with your vCISO

Regular communication with our expert cybersecurity officer ensures your systems’ strength against attacks.

24/7 Threat Detection, Investigation, Response and Remediation Assistance

Aristo Cyber Defense service goes far beyond consumer based security. We provide early detection and containment of potential threats, investigate the incident, respond to threats with professional tools and security analysts, and provide remediation assistance in the event of an attack.

After we suffered a cyber-attack, we changed our vendor and they dramatically strengthened our firewalls and approach to IT. For a small family office, we invest a substantial amount of resources monthly to make sure that they are monitoring all access to our websites, as well as our internal IT functions. I never thought I would be spending the kind of money I spend each month just on cyber security.

Family Member and Managing Partner, Single Family Office, North America Source: The UBS/Campden Wealth Global Family Office Report 2019
Hundreds of Devices Maintained Regularly

Automated detection, sweeping, and hunting of threats as well as root cause analysis of security events

Thousands of Files Scanned and Secured

24/7 threat experts focused on detection, investigation, response, and incident remediation

Protection for Microsoft 365, G Suite, and cloud sharing services against Business Email Compromise attacks

Recent Cyber-Attack Cases

Learn more about the recent cyber -attack cases so as to better understand the importance of cyber security in today’s society. The topics and discussions presented below are actual cases in which data breaches were made in relation to them, their lifestyle, or their businesses. Such cyber security information can give you a wider perspective as to why it’s so important for individuals and business owners around Dallas to opt for cyber security services such as that of Aristo Cyber Defense.

Leverage our years of experience protecting some of the largest companies in the world to protect you and your family. Choosing Aristo Cyber Defense's cyber security solutions gives you the edge to help protect your digital life and reputation.

“International Email Compromise Ring Targets Wealthy Individuals”

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Aristo Cyber Defense is redefining cyber security services. Whether it’s for personal use, ransomware removal, data protection, or any other form of digital and cyber security concern, we guarantee proper solutions for you. We provide offers that’s suitable for various clients across Dallas, from high-end individuals and small to mid-range businesses such as (but not limited to) CPAs, law firms, real estate agencies, and talent acquisitions. Give us a call today at 214-430-3522 or you can send us an email at to learn more about our cyber security services.